Corporate gift ideas for April 2016

Corporate gift ideas for April 2016

The best way to thank people are through a few things, you could either give them a text to thank them, you can go to them and ask them out for a drink to thank them for helping you or you could give them some gifts that they can hold on to and remember you when they look at it and know that you are appreciated.

There are a few groups of people that corporates wish to thank. Your clients who are the people that allow your company to exist in the first place. Your employees who assist you to serve the clients. This two groups of people are the ones that build your business empire and what best way to help them to remember you then to give them items that they could use and remember you with.

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Great ideas for March 2016 that you can consider for your customers and employees are the following:


  1. Travel Accessories

The march holidays are coming, it would be great if you could buy some travel accessories for them so that they can use it when they are traveling, a nice travel bag or an adaptor that is useful for them and their family members, essentials are also great but they have no lasting usage power so that is something you could consider.


  1. Umbrellas

March is also a month that the weather is not too predictable, giving them something that they could carry along with them, with the corporate colors on it and showing the world your brand is something that is nice, it should be useful for the sun as well if its transparent, it’s not useful for a hot day for them to bring out to shield them from the sun.


  1. Mobile phone chargers

This items are the best thing that anyone can have, nowadays the battery life of a mobile phone is not able to last you a day, so a small portable one will be great for someone who is looking to go overseas or to be out of home for a long period of time, this is something that you could work with if you wish to gift to your customers


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Corporate Gift ideas for the best effects for your clients to remember you

Corporate Gift ideas for the best effects for your clients to remember you


Are you intending to print some corporate gifts so that you can share them with your clients and at the same time to extract the best value out of gifting them this items, when it comes to corporate gifts, you should always consider items that give you the best returns on investments as if you are going to invest in a product or an item or a share. Every cent spend should be worth the money and you will be able to feel that you are spending it to make you feel happy about it and not throwing money into the sea for no good reason.

Corporate gifts Singapore that are useful for the person who is receiving it is what is important if you want to reach the objective of it being great on the return on investment, so the best thing you should do is to make something that everyone will want to use and keep and also display them for maximum impact.

For the standard gift ideas like notebooks, cups and mugs, this items are so common that they usually get kept at home for home use or just for the office pantry, that is not what you want, you want maximum impact and maximum impact is when you create something that is memorable and something that everyone wants to carry with them and use.

Now the most popular themes are traveling when everyone has their own items on their bucket list to strike off and they want to use something when they travel, if you are gifting them to chief executives, you would have maximum impact when they remember your brand and decide to keep using your services or products because he uses your travel bag or your travel adapter.

Other useful items would be phone chargers on the car, portable chargers for high tier executive members who would be carrying them around of gifting them to family members, you want high tier senior executives to recognize and use your item for maximum impact.

Items such as calendars are also great but must be well designed so that people will want to consider using them. Mouse pads are items that people usually neglect but can also be useful for branding purposes because people lose or spoil them so easily.

Consider putting in more effort when you print corporate gifts and you will be able to extract the best returns from your items and money.

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What are some of the best corporate gifts

Some of the best gifts are those that you are able to put time into planning and preparing for, so when you want to gift to your customers who are the most important people when you run your company, you should put in the effort into building or making something that they will like and also something that they will want to keep with them for a long time.


Corporate gifts ideas that can help you to ain good traction would be those that you can put on the desk. Calendars are great

There are also nice items such as phone chargers or phone covers that you can consider

There are items such as t shirts are also good choices


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What to give as gift for this christmas

The season of giving is coming and there are many things that you can consider to give as gifts to anyone you know around you and there are also items that you can consider for your business associates that you might want to show your appreciation for and also ti give them a surprise that you can actually remember them for the work and care that you have received from them.

Giving them items such as a nice luggage tag is good for those who travel during the festive periods this is something that you can spend on to give to people who love the travel and if you are in the travel industry, buy them something that can help them learn about their wander lusting country and also something that they can look at everyday to remember themselves of your brand and of your company and also for the fact that you enjoy the country and also the company in view

There are also items such as travel essentials that you can give to your staff before they go off for their long holidays with their families, Find out more at GAPS

Good ideas for corporate gifts and presents

Trying to figure out what you can give to your customers and friend when it comes to seasons greetings, now that xmas is around the corner is probably a very headache and painful process. There are many items around the world that you could consider but there are also some items that may be interesting for you to find out more about and also learn about before you come up with the concept and the budget to purchase them.

There are a few items we will like to suggest to you and they are


  1. Travel bag supplier singapore

Travel bags are good gifts for those companies that require their staff or friends to do a lot of traveling, this is a good item because people do not usually actively think about buying one. So you if need a travel bag supplier , find GAPS now


2. Plastic pen supplier singapore

Plastic pens are necessary items for company and a good constant supply is always good for everyone who owns a company with decent amount of staff force and needs to resub this items every once in awhile. Good priced and good quality items will definitely sell well. Plastic pen supplier singapore would be a good choice for any business to tap on corporate gifting or supplies/


3. Luggage tag supplier singapore

Luggage tags are great for branding and many people do not actively buy luggage tags because they dont usually see the need for it but for those who do travel much, you will realise the usefulness of it and to make it a better for you to identify the location of your bags and also better for you to spot those that are in the same tour group as you or in the same group of travelers and this is good for the whole. Find GAPS for a luggage tag supplier now.


4. Keychain supplier singapore

Keychains are nice gifts that everyone can appreciate and will hang on their items that they bring around, even if they don’t hang it on their daily items they might also hang it on their windows as a display item and this gives you the benefits of having your brand being shown. Key chain supplier


Corporate gifts are great for business and business associates, find out more about doing up corporate gifts so that everyone enjoys the benefits of it. Corporate gifts supplier in Singapore, Global Asia Printings is your leading corporate gifts supplier.

What is the best way to appreciate your customers

The best way to get anyone’s attention and also to let them know that you care for them and love them is to be able to gift.

Gifting has been a century old tradition, when people from all around the world meet up, they gift items that are off value or of tradition so that they can show their appreciation and care for the person.

Customers are who pay you to do certain things, you livelihood depends on them and also their prompt payments and this is something that everyone who is doing business must realise and understand that they will have to be make their customers happy and also to remember you to be able to do more business with them and to make more money.

The best ways to appreciate customers are a few ways:


Here in Singapore, the tradition of bringing them out for food is a good way.

Food unites people, people are able to relax themselves down to meet up and talk about topics. You are able to enjoy and feel happy together because food makes people happy! Food also allows you to know each other better, the choice of food, the table manners speaks a lot about someone.

Food, especially for chinese people are also done on round tables. Round Tables unites people and makes the whole group feel happy.


The other ways is to use corporate gifting, to give someone a business gift is a good way to build the rapport with them. Gifts such as portable chargers or usb thumbdrives , even a keychain are a good way to make people remember you when they see your item. When they attend your function or your dinner, dont let them leave with just memories of the food and the conversation, such things fade. But items they bring home will not, they will always remember the good times when they see the item sitting on their desk. This is unity, this is impact and this is the beauty of corporate gifts.

What is the most common corporate gifts in Singapore

What is the most common corporate gifts in Singapore

Learning to start a corporate gifting culture for your business or for the management to consider. There are a few things that you can look into before you adopt this culture but there are also a few good reasons to do so. When you start to do corporate gifting, have you considered why you are doing it and how you are able to bring out the most value out of it.

When you give out a gift to people, you will often want to find out how effective they are in helping you build your brand and at the same time let your customers remember you and come back to you for the same service or product that you provide for them. There are definitely some items that are more common and this more common items can be the ones that you want to use and give to people so that you can build the rapport with them.

So what are some of the more common corporate gifts in Singapore that you can consider?

  1. Notebooks and Pens

For banking events, you realise they like to give you notebooks, specifically A5 notebook supplier Singapore. These are the kinds of gifts that will be useful for those who attend such events. When you go for banking events, it can be a launch for a product or a new change in the law kind of updates. Together with a pen from ballpoint pen supplier Singapore, you can use it to write notes and take down what you can learn and also find out more about in future when you are needing it. It helps both the bank and yourself so depending on the situation a notebook and a pen is a good gift for your customers.

2. Travel accessories and neccessities

This is one thing that everyone don’t find the use of until the day before you go overseas and when you are planning to go overseas if you do have such accessories around you, it would be so much more useful then to find out that you don’t have it. This can also make your customers realize that you saved their life! Like literally because of your awesome gift ideas. You could see them using a travel adapter with your logo and name on it and also some travel bags that might be brought around in the open for many people to see and recognize your brand from afar. You could get travel adapters from travel adapters supplier singapore.

Someone who is a sport enthusiast who might want to go to the gym while overseas could also use a shoe pouch from a Shoe Pouch Supplier Singapore.

3. Eco Friendly items

There has been a strong focus for items that are ECO Friendly lately and this is something that we would like to push for focus on saving the earth and having lesser impact on outputs of cutting down on trees. Most of such items are made from recycled materials and also items that do not cause too much disruption to the earth and the world and this can be acquired from Eco Friendly items supplier singapore.

4. Lanyards for Corporate Events

When you have events and want to identify the persons that are your exhibitors vs the guest vs the staff members, the best is to use corporate lanyard printing by lanyard suppliers singapore.

Lanyards can be done with nice color and design and also with good specifications it is something that many people will want to bring home and keep because it helps them to remember the events or exhibition they have attended and this adds to their collections of events they have attended.


There are many items and common items that you can watch out for and this would be a great opportunity to do so!

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What is the most common corporate gifts in Singapore

Why you should buy a good gift for your clients

When you are running a business there are many things that you need to watch out for and sonme of the items may not come to you as natural if you have transited from being an employee and moving onto being an entrepreneur because you don’t see this happening from where you are covering that one corner of work.

There are things such as Public relations, marketing, accounting and even to do the delivery yourself that is what entrepreneurs are held down with nowadays because of the lack of manpower in Singapore.

But there is one thing that all business owners or entrepreneurs have to watch out for and this to be the main person to entertain the clients and keep them happy and also to make sure they like your organization and remember your business because that would mean repeated business which is better than one time off investments. Because that would mean that you dont need to acquire the new customer again and the repeated business will also mean that you get good attention from them and future if they have any needs or other friends who intent to take part in such activities you know you have an introduction coming your way.

For companies who are looking to give unique gifts, you could consider the keychain supplier singapore ideas. You can also get corporate lanyard printing in Singapore done by this kinds of supplier who are able to work closely with you to deliver the value you want to give to your customers and also to your events side of your business.

If you business is someone who wants to protect the environment and looking to have some items that will have minimal impact on the environment then you should consider the eco friendly gift supplier singapore options. They have many items that can help you to keep your impact low and at the same time impress your clients and employees because of the choices you make as a person and as an organization.

There are many options that you can look into when you are planning to embark on starting to gift your customers because this is one step that will bring your brand forward and something that you should consider well so that it fits your branding image and at the same time it helps you to bring out the best in your brand and your personal branding in the name and the eyes of your customers or potential customers or many more customers to come.

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Dos and Donts of Corporate Gifting

What to watch out for when corporate gifting

Companies young and old do corporate gifting as part of their marketing plans, this is something that has lasted through teh ages and will never grow old. People and companies of our times will also be keen on doing so because it is just a nice thing to do for our guest.

When you attend a function or go for a wedding for example, you receive some gift for the appreciation of your audience and this makes the whole festivities fun and light. Something like a portable charger supplier singapore would be nice for a gift.

There are many types of corporate gifts that you can give out to your clients for a great night and there are some customized presents that you can watch out for if you are keen to go about making and designing and creating them for your clients to enjoy.

What are some of the things that you do need to watch out when you give corporate gifts to your clients or your employees?

  1. Religion is sensitive.

Religion is something that can cause tension and this is soemthing you will want to watch out for not to give a muslim something that has anything to do with alcohol or pork related items this is disrespect and it will leave a foul taste for such guest.

This is basic respect for them. When you give out corporate gifts, just try to be as neutral as you can be and you should be fine because neutral gifts can’t go wrong but then again you might have the issue of being boring which might not help you out at all in your branding efforts.

2. Usefulness

There are also the issues of whether the items are useful, a luggage tag supplier singapore, would be nice. you should get something that is useful that someone can bring around and do something with it and not be something that is merely say just decorative, it might end up in the bin the moment they walk out of the place and that would not be anything useful for you because the idea is to have them keep it with them for the longest time so that they will remember you when they look at the item and remember how good a host you are and to venture back to find you for more business.

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What to prepare for Christmas and New Year

You are running a small business and you are planning for some parties. You are hoping to bring your clients over to your place for some celebrations and you wish to make it a big event so that you can impress your clients and your counterparts.

There are items that you can give to your clients or friends when they come to your corporate parties you could also run your own friends parties and give out the door gifts to your friends.

Especially so if your friends are from the higher rung of society this will help you to reach out to the rest of the world and the business society and build your brand for yourself and your business at the same time.

Always remember, people like cool people and they are attracted and stay attracted to cool people.

Run parties for chrismas, new year and all kinds of festivals to make yourself seem the coolest around so that everyone will gravitate to you. Buy Corporate gifts today!

3 Reasons to do corporate gifting

Business owners or senior management or even mid management persons watch out!

There are many good reasons to do corporate gifting when you have any reasons to do so but today i will be sharing with you some of them and hope that it convinces you that doing corporate gifting might be one of the few things you should budget for in the new accounting year and also help your business to grow and build a brand and following around you!

  1. Corporate gifting help you to build your brand and brand recognition.

When you give your clients or attendees of an event a nice and presentable corporate gift, you will expect the person to use it when they are home or back in their office. It helps you to spread your brand across to your client’s clients and it is something that is sub conscious. The next time this person sees the brand he or she will be able to identify to it better because the company looks professional and they have seen it before. And for this you can also gift such items on a regular basis to your clients. Always make sure to give something special and not the typical ones, it might even end up as a nice display item in the door steps of the clients office because it is just to beautiful to throw away.

2. Corporate gifting can be cheap

There are items that can be very expensive such as thumbdrives but they are useful therefore the price. There are also items that can be very affordable and not something that may be difficult to manage, you could use this opportunity to test out what works well and not when you talk to your clients and find out what is the best gift to give. You could also consult your corporate gift supplier or lanyard suppliers in Singapore to learn more about the things that you need to watch out for when you get this items.

3. Corporate gifts are easy to coordinate with

There are many suppliers but you must be able to find one that is reliable and able to assist you with your work. Global Asia Printings is one of the leading Singapore corporate gifts supplier and they are able to provide high quality service and high quality products that can help you to build your brand and also work as a long term partner to give you the support and help you need to provide the branding effects for their clients.

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