What is the best way to appreciate your customers

The best way to get anyone’s attention and also to let them know that you care for them and love them is to be able to gift.

Gifting has been a century old tradition, when people from all around the world meet up, they gift items that are off value or of tradition so that they can show their appreciation and care for the person.

Customers are who pay you to do certain things, you livelihood depends on them and also their prompt payments and this is something that everyone who is doing business must realise and understand that they will have to be make their customers happy and also to remember you to be able to do more business with them and to make more money.

The best ways to appreciate customers are a few ways:


Here in Singapore, the tradition of bringing them out for food is a good way.

Food unites people, people are able to relax themselves down to meet up and talk about topics. You are able to enjoy and feel happy together because food makes people happy! Food also allows you to know each other better, the choice of food, the table manners speaks a lot about someone.

Food, especially for chinese people are also done on round tables. Round Tables unites people and makes the whole group feel happy.


The other ways is to use corporate gifting, to give someone a business gift is a good way to build the rapport with them. Gifts such as portable chargers or usb thumbdrives , even a keychain are a good way to make people remember you when they see your item. When they attend your function or your dinner, dont let them leave with just memories of the food and the conversation, such things fade. But items they bring home will not, they will always remember the good times when they see the item sitting on their desk. This is unity, this is impact and this is the beauty of corporate gifts.

Dos and Donts of Corporate Gifting

What to watch out for when corporate gifting

Companies young and old do corporate gifting as part of their marketing plans, this is something that has lasted through teh ages and will never grow old. People and companies of our times will also be keen on doing so because it is just a nice thing to do for our guest.

When you attend a function or go for a wedding for example, you receive some gift for the appreciation of your audience and this makes the whole festivities fun and light. Something like a portable charger supplier singapore would be nice for a gift.

There are many types of corporate gifts that you can give out to your clients for a great night and there are some customized presents that you can watch out for if you are keen to go about making and designing and creating them for your clients to enjoy.

What are some of the things that you do need to watch out when you give corporate gifts to your clients or your employees?

  1. Religion is sensitive.

Religion is something that can cause tension and this is soemthing you will want to watch out for not to give a muslim something that has anything to do with alcohol or pork related items this is disrespect and it will leave a foul taste for such guest.

This is basic respect for them. When you give out corporate gifts, just try to be as neutral as you can be and you should be fine because neutral gifts can’t go wrong but then again you might have the issue of being boring which might not help you out at all in your branding efforts.

2. Usefulness

There are also the issues of whether the items are useful, a luggage tag supplier singapore, would be nice. you should get something that is useful that someone can bring around and do something with it and not be something that is merely say just decorative, it might end up in the bin the moment they walk out of the place and that would not be anything useful for you because the idea is to have them keep it with them for the longest time so that they will remember you when they look at the item and remember how good a host you are and to venture back to find you for more business.

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